Company Profile

RPM's Corporate Philosophy
We at RPM will be a plus 1 and pursue the Quality of Life for all people
to protect the patients, families, pharmaceutical companies,
healthcare professionals, the children born in the future and
all the precious lives of the future
With this in mind, advanced the word of QOL (Quality of Life) to the next letters
one by one, Our company's name RPM is completed.

Corporate thinking


Respect for human resources
A company is an aggregate that values each and every one of us.
Spirit of harmony and challenge
Challenge all possibilities (potentials) and constantly build new relationships (connections).
Contribution to society and medical care
Beyond our business is a precious life. Contribute to society and medical care through business.

Company Profile

Company Name
RPM Co., Ltd.
Establishment Date
May 2008
Representative Director Masaru Kudo
90 million yen
・Domestic Engineering Outsourcing Business
Business content
Clinical development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, outsourced business after manufacturing and sales
General worker dispatch business in clinical development, post-manufacturing and sales work
(Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare permission: General 13-303945)
First-class pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor (license number: 13A1X10122)
Number of employees
1,014 people (as of December 2021)
Head office
5th floor, JRE Nishi-Shinjuku Terrace (formerly, Shinwa Building), 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0023
TEL: 03-5325-5800 (representative) / FAX: 03-5325-5801
Osaka Branch
4th floor, Daiei Building Main Building, 1-12-7 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0012
TEL: 06-6292-7351 / FAX: 06-6292-7352
Major banks
Mizuho Bank Nihonbashi Branch
Member group
Osaka Pharmaceutical Association
Japan QA Study Group
Japan CRO Association
Outsourcing technology
Corporate Behavior Charter


For access to RPM's Tokyo head office and Osaka branch, please see this page.


It is our mission at RPM to devote all our efforts to the development of the pharmaceutical and medical industries from the "plus one position" of medical care, companies, and individuals, considering all quality of life.